Thursday, November 20, 2008

Facebook & Social Networking

I recently signed up for an account with Facebook after hearing other adults talking about their use of it.

After seeing so many MySpace pages cluttered with all kinds of unsightly stuff, I wasn't interested in social networking sites, assuming they were all like MySpace, which allows users to customize pages to a point where they become an assault on the eyes.

FaceBook is different, cleaner, more organized, more useful, easier on the eyes! I understand Facebook is becoming more popular than MySpace, and I can see why.

I'm finding Facebook very interesting. I'm amazed at how many people that I know are using it. For me it's mostly relatives, nieces, nephews etc.

Upon signing up, users can find FaceBook friends via their AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Lists or from e-mail address books. (I chose not give FaceBook my ISP e-mail account password.) Users can also find other facebook members by searching their high school by year of graduation. Watch-out cla$$mate$.com! (Classmates wants you to pay before they'll allow users to reach each other.)

Once a Facebook member, you're able to see all of your friends content, their friends etc. One of the features is a rolling list of things friends have recently done, like pictures posted, comments on pictures, where people are, what they are doing etc. Having only been a FaceBook member for 1 day, I may add more to this blog after I learn more.

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