Friday, October 16, 2009

Copyright Infringers

Here's more news about my photography, and a copyright violator.

Over a year ago, I licensed rights to a photo of mine for use by a business owner, a small photo for his Web site. I made it clear that the rights were limited to that specific use.

About a year later I was in the area where his business was located and I picked up a free local magazine. There, on the inside cover was my photo at 1/2 page, promoting his business.

40,000 copies of this magazine had been printed for distribution all summer long.

I billed this person $535.00 for that unauthorized use and he paid it.

Some photographers bill at 3 or 4 times their going rate when they find find unauthorized use of their images. I billed him at the going rate. I didn't want a court battle. I only wanted fair compensation.

Read similar copyright violator facts in the Hall of Shame on my Copyright Notice Page.

Thanks for listening, Jim.