Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo Sales 2009

Photo sales (aka usage rights) have been increasing, apparently proportional to the photos I add to my stock photo collection at

Accurate photo captions and keywords there help the images come up number one when Google Image search is used by potential photo buyers. The word "photo" as the domain at name helps too.

My butterfly in flight image sold for use on the cover of a report. I sold rights to 5 images for use on a Hampton Beach Hotel Web site.

A large company bought rights to one of my helicopter photos for multiple uses. They paid me $725.00. Trips to air shows can be profitable photo outings.

Print sales from my Photos for Sale at Zenfolio have been moderate but enough have sold to cover the annual hosting fee. Most of my pages (galleries) there come up number one in a Google search for my targeted search strings.
I target strings like:

As of 12/27/09, My Zenfolio main page is currently coming up number one with the Google search generic term "photos for sale". That will vary over time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Copyright Infringers

Here's more news about my photography, and a copyright violator.

Over a year ago, I licensed rights to a photo of mine for use by a business owner, a small photo for his Web site. I made it clear that the rights were limited to that specific use.

About a year later I was in the area where his business was located and I picked up a free local magazine. There, on the inside cover was my photo at 1/2 page, promoting his business.

40,000 copies of this magazine had been printed for distribution all summer long.

I billed this person $535.00 for that unauthorized use and he paid it.

Some photographers bill at 3 or 4 times their going rate when they find find unauthorized use of their images. I billed him at the going rate. I didn't want a court battle. I only wanted fair compensation.

Read similar copyright violator facts in the Hall of Shame on my Copyright Notice Page.

Thanks for listening, Jim.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Sales and Copyright Violation

A record company in the UK paid the invoice I sent. They had used my Freak Out Carnival Ride image on a CD cover without my permission.

Ironically, the copyright was infringed upon twice. First by a Lion's Club Web site creator. When the image was copied to the Lion's Club site, my contact info and copyright notice had been cropped off.

The "artist" who created the CD cover claimed:

"As you can see there was no visible copyright or rights of ownership for the image and from looking at the other pictures of the ride on the site I just thought these were personal snaps from the fair. I do apologize for the misunderstanding here and I am happy to remove the artwork from the release if necessary."

Now the photo is everywhere:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Print Sales

After a recent request for a quote on four 12x18 prints of Hampton Beach, I set up on for the sale of prints.

The selection of images there is quite small as I just set it up the other day.

I've recently added galleries of:
Many more photos and categories will be added,... as time allows ;-)

If there is a photo of mine which you like to buy a print of, let me know and I'll set up that image on Zenfolio for prints up to 24 x 36".