Friday, March 25, 2011

Stock Photo Sales April 2011

A week ago I received a photo-usage-rights price request. This potential customer wanted to make a print of one of my Fenway Park photos. The print would be resold for display in a local restaurant at like 45 x 60 inches.

I quoted $200.00 over the phone. After telling me the price was "high" the person told me he was not sure if so and so would be willing to pay it. I've not heard back from them.

After a few weeks of working out the deal with their client, the buyer paid the invoice for rights to the Fenway Park image.

On a related note, rights to one of my New England Aquarium photos was requested via e-mail today. The use would be in a promotional brochure. I replied with quotes based on the image size. I'll update with the the outcome of this potential sale soon.

It's likely these people found my stock photos via Google Image Search.