Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo Sales 2009

Photo sales (aka usage rights) have been increasing, apparently proportional to the photos I add to my stock photo collection at

Accurate photo captions and keywords there help the images come up number one when Google Image search is used by potential photo buyers. The word "photo" as the domain at name helps too.

My butterfly in flight image sold for use on the cover of a report. I sold rights to 5 images for use on a Hampton Beach Hotel Web site.

A large company bought rights to one of my helicopter photos for multiple uses. They paid me $725.00. Trips to air shows can be profitable photo outings.

Print sales from my Photos for Sale at Zenfolio have been moderate but enough have sold to cover the annual hosting fee. Most of my pages (galleries) there come up number one in a Google search for my targeted search strings.
I target strings like:

As of 12/27/09, My Zenfolio main page is currently coming up number one with the Google search generic term "photos for sale". That will vary over time.