Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photo Use - No Charge

Yesterday a woman called asking about usage rights for my American Flag Waving photo. She wanted to use the image in the cover of a pamphlet which would be handed out at the funeral of a man in her community who recently died. I told here there would be no charge.

She wanted to give me a credit on the back of the pamphlet. I told her to make the credit read "Photo courtesy of"

She found the image via Google images searching for "American Flag waving". She thanked me for making my contact info so easy to find. (in image borders)

On a related note, I recently sold rights to an F-16 in flight photo for use on a t-shirt. The shirt will be produced for employees of a company which make parts for the F-16. In addition to the check already received, I asked for a t-shirt to be shipped to me and no charge.