Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Photos

Below is a link to photos I made during a recent trip to Florida. Thirty four Florida beach and wildlife photos are featured. One is in twice, by mistake.

The slide show a Flash presentation, which might not display properly on all browsers and might not display at all, on others.

The Flash slide show presents the images at different sizes, depending on the size of your Web browser window.

Did you know that most Web browsers can toggle from normal view to full screen view using the F11 key? Try it now. Hit your F11 key. Hit it again to return your browser to normal. During full screen your task bar will likely disappear.

I recommend viewing the slide show at full screen view. I don't recommend changing (F11) during the slide show. Toggle the thumbnails off during the slide show by clicking the small icon under the photo at the lower left.

The Florida Stock Photos presentation was made with Adobe LightRoom. Feel free to comment on this or any other entry in my blog using the comments link under each.

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