Monday, December 22, 2008

Photo Sales - Rights and Prints

December has been a good month for photo sales.

  • A woman in FL, a former Saugus resident, bought 9 prints of Saugus scenes. She wanted them for Christmas gifts. She chose Saugus River Lobster Boats, Route 1 Traffic at Night and Kane's Donuts.

  • A new book called "Amazing and Unusual USA" will feature 3 of my photos of Clark's Trading Post. Printing is schedule for April 2009.

  • The Sea Ketch Restaurant owner bought rights to one of my images last month.

  • This month I received another request for usage rights for several photos on a different Hampton Beach Web site. 2/5/09 Follow-up: (I was willing to allow free usage if they could have provided hyper-linked credit, since they were a non -profit. They were not willing to do so.

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